Win a Free Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry

Would you like to win a FREE Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry?

I am in the process of designing my newest collection of naked sandal foot jewelry (barefoot sandals) and I would love your help!

Please take our very brief survey for your chance to win the naked sandal of your choice, a $68 value.


You will need a flexible measuring tape or a string + ruler to answer the questions and it should only take a couple minutes to complete.

I will announce who wins the FREE Barefoot Sandal on Thursday 02/28- on our facebook page, blog and via email.

Click here to take the survey.  Thank you for your help!

The winner can choose from any of these styles of naked sandals ($68 value):

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  1. Chuck Smolowitz says

    I think that is is a home run. I will be buying some for Marci for our May trip to jamaica. What are the price points?

    Is it just suppose to go on one foot and does it matter which foot?

    Good luck

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