Wedding Trend Color Highlight: Grayed Jade / Minty Green

Pantone recently announced the 10 top colors of spring and summer 2013, which include balanced neutrals such as Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, and Linen as well as the light and bright shades of Emerald, African Violet, Nectarine, Poppy Red, Lemon Zest, and Tender Shoots.  Pulling both the neutrals and brights together is the anchoring color Monaco Blue.

You will see these colors everywhere- from jewelry, to clothing, to home decor and furniture, to paint colors.  They will also be prominent in 2013 weddings, from bridesmaid dresses, to invitations, to favors, to linens, to flowers and other decorations.

Today, we are going to explore how grayed jade will be utilized in weddings throughout the year, especially in Spring & Summer 2013.

Wedding Trend Color: Minty Green

Associated 2013 Pantone Color: Grayed Jade

A muted and subtle minty green with just a hint of gray undertones

Wedding Trends in this Color: Mint Green is one of the hottest wedding colors for 2013.  You will find just about everything wedding related in this beautiful springy color, even wedding gowns.

Here are a few of our favorites:

{Images are from Pinterest.  Click here to see these plus additional images.}

Here are some pictures from my own wedding, where all the bridemaids wore beautiful soft minty green dresses, along with fairy wings of course. 😉  Even my husband wore minty green.

{Crista Grasso & Bridesmaids}

{Crista Grasso & bridesmaid Sara Hughes}

{Crista Grasso & husband, Jeremy Pollack}

When choosing wedding jewelry in this color, look for the following gemstones:

My favorite color and gemstone to pair with minty green is purple amethyst.  For my wedding, I paired minty green with a nice bright purple amethyst for all the bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry, it looked beautiful and romantic.

What do you think of the mint green wedding trend?

What color would you combine minty green with for your wedding?

Please share your comments below.

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  1. Hi Crista, where did you find that wedding dress? I’ve been scavenging the internet for an hour and I can only find this dress on your blog! Any help (designer, past website you found it on) would help greatly!
    Thanks, Emily

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