The Celebrity Gift Lounge at The 3rd Annual Thirst Gala

I just got back from attending the 3rd Annual Thirst Gala in LA and my sister and I had such a blast!  Here are some photos of the event, from prep through after-party.

Behind the Scenes- Before the Event Began:

While the event coordinators were getting the event prepped, we were setting up our table:

And here it is, finally finished after 2.5 hours of set up:

Back up to the room to prep and get ready, and then it’s time to meet the celebrities and let the festivities begin:

The highlight of the night for us was meeting Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds)!  She is amazing and I was so honored that she took time to come and meet me before she started hosting the Gala.

Everyone we met was wonderful!  We didn’t get pictures of everyone, including one of our other favorites, Michael Johns.

The Thirst Gala:

It’s Closing Time:

Having Fun and Relaxing at the  After-party:


Everyone seemed to love the foot jewelry and we had so much fun meeting everyone and custom sizing the barefoot sandals for them (some of those celebrities have some tiny feet!).

The celebrities were given their choice of 4 styles of barefoot sandals to choose from:

Style 1- Chainmaille:

Style 2: Sexy and Exotic:

Style 3: Dainty and Elegant

Style 4: Filigree

For a while, style 2 and 3 seemed to be the most popular but it ended up a tie between all 4 styles- we gave away almost every pair we brought with us (and we brought a LOT of them with us).

Thanks so much to Mary Noon of Marketing a Cause for the opportunity to support such an amazing organization and to have so much fun doing it!

To learn more about the Thirst Project, visit their website:

To learn more about Marketing a Cause, visit their website:

To see more behind the scenes photos of us prepping for the event, click here.

Check back soon for even more photos of the event and the celebrities with their AmberTortoise barefoot sandal foot jewelry

And a super special thanks to my sister, Kara, for heading to LA with me, helping me prep for the event, taking all these pictures, and for making sure I got to meet Kirsten Vangsness! 🙂


  1. Crista – Thank you so much for sharing your photos and story of this event. Congratulations! Keep us posted on more, Cath

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