Help Fund Kill Me, Deadly – A Film Noir Comedy with Kirsten Vangsness

If you love checking out some of the unique and creative projects on Kickstarter as much as I do, you’ll love this fun project with Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds). It’s called Kill Me, Deadly, a film noir comedy (which I will admit I had no idea what film noir comedy was before I saw the kickstarter project :D). It looks like a pretty cool project, and how could it not be with Kirsten Vangness and Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds, as well as many others… The kickstarter project is currently almost half-way funded and it wraps up on July 1st.  I am personally counting down the days to July 1st since that is the day I launch my brand new jewelry line, and I am sure the team behind Kill Me, Deadly is counting down the days as well to see if their project gets fully funded. I was more … [Continue reading]

Win a Free Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry

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