Gemstone Feature- Ruby (July’s Birthstone)

Deep rich red rubies are the birthstone for July.  They are thought to strengthen one’s ability to follow their dreams and are linked with confidence, loyalty and love.  Rubies are considered a precious stone. Color:  Ruby can be found in either pinkish or intense crimson hues. Value is determined by their color, with the brightest and most intense red hues being highly prized. Source:   Primary ruby sources are in Cambodia, Thailand, and Afghanistan. It can also be found in Tanzania, Tajikistan, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Pakistan, and rarely in Sri Lanka. Age:  The trade of rubies figured prominently on the North Silk Road in China Family:  Corundum Hardness:  9 on the Mohs scale Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:   A stone of nobility, ruby helps gather strength to follow one’s dreams. It’s strongly linked with confidence, loyalty, love, and boldness. It is associated with helping to heal and open the heart. Health-wise, it’s said to add stamina, vitality … [Continue reading]

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