Dare to Be Sexy this Summer

Guest Post by Christine Bove of www.christinebove.com 5 ways to dress sexy without looking trashy! Sexy.  What does that really mean? It means having confidence, loving yourself, being playful and having fun with life.  Do you shy away from particular articles of clothing thinking they will make you look too sexy or even trampy?  Your problem is your mindset and your false beliefs: “sexy is for the young gals,” “sexy is only for skinny girls,” “sexy is only for single girls looking to find their mate.” If you can relate to these beliefs it’s time to trash them and create a new perspective. I am sexy because I am confident, beautiful and know how to have fun. In Fashion Feng Shui®, The Pleasure Seeker essence AKA “Fire Girl” is all about being sassy, sexy and fun, but not every gal is the Fire girl. Although everyone has the Fire essence in them it’s all … [Continue reading]

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