Friday Find of the Week: Organic Green Screen Sunscreen by Kabana Skin Care

I love eco-friendly and organic products and love to share the ones I use with you, so this week’s Friday Find of the Week is Organic Green Screen Sunscreen by Kabana Skin Care.  It is my absolute favorite sun block and one that I only recently discovered. I had the pleasure of meeting Kabana’s owner, Erik Kreider, earlier this year and the first thing that struck me about him was how incredibly passionate and knowledgeable he is about organic skin care, especially sunscreen. I was getting ready to head to Trinidad and needed a good sun block so I thought of Kabana and decided to give Green Screen a try.  I am officially hooked and can’t imagine ever using another sunscreen! For the first time in my life, I got to enjoy a tropical vacation without burning.  I am pretty light skinned and tend to not only burn easily, but … [Continue reading]

Are You Ready to THRIVE? Join Ali Brown LIVE this Thurs & Fri

Getting a mentor for my jewelry business was a big decision for me this year and I couldn’t be happier to have done it!  This year has been completely transformational in so many ways, both for my business and for me personally.  More to come on that later or you can read a little about it in this blog post here…. For now, I wanted to share with you a special event that my mentor, Ali Brown, just announced. It’s a *FREE 2-day LiveCast*, happening this THURSDAY & FRIDAY, *September 13 & 14*, 2012.  You can get the details and reserve your spot here. If you’re a business owner or are dreaming of starting your own business, you don’t want to miss this!  (and yes, it works for artists too!) Over the course of *12 content-rich hours*, Ali and her guest experts and colleagues will deliver some impactful training that … [Continue reading]

Fashion Feng Shui Tips: 5 Ways to Accessorize your Intentions with the AmberTortoise Collection

Guest post by Christine Bove You probably don’t think about the jewelry you put on your body and the impact it can have on your energy. Maybe you heard about different crystals and how they have the ability to heal you, but have you ever considered selecting jewelry that affirms your intentions? In Fashion Feng Shui consultations, one of the techniques I teach my clients is to dress their intentions using the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  By affirming your intentions in your wardrobe you naturally attract it into your life. One simple and fun way to dress your intentions is with jewelry. I’ve highlighted some fabulous pieces from the AmberTortoise Collection to give you examples of how to dress your intentions using the 5 elements. Water Intention: If your intentions require you to go deep inside for a spiritual healing, write a book, create music or art.   Custom Barefoot Sandal Foot … [Continue reading]

Natural Jewelry Care: How to Clean Your Jewelry Using Soap and Water

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are overlooked.  When it comes to cleaning jewelry, I always like to start simple with a focus on quick, easy, and environmentally friendly.  Using soap and water is one way to do just that. How To Clean Your Jewelry Using Soap and Water: Gather the following supplies: bowl, natural dish soap, soft bristled brush, natural paper towels or cloth, your jewelry to be cleaned Fill a bowl with warm water Add a drop or two of natural dish detergent (the specific amount will depend on the size of the bowl, but it should be minimal) Gently stir the water to mix the soap with the water Add your jewelry to the soapy water Gently “stir” your jewelry in the water, and if necessary, use a soft bristled brush to really clean your jewelry and get in the hard-to-reach spaces Remove, rinse well under running water, then … [Continue reading]

Inspired by Apples- Etsy Treasury of the Week

Apples are now in season!  Feeling inspired by apples I created a treasury with beautiful items with the color Apple Red.  I hope you enjoy this weeks treasury! Click on the image to to be taken to the treasury on Etsy. Visit us at

So What is a Trunk Show, Anyway?

The term trunk show has been growing increasingly popular the past few years.  I frequently get asked by jewelry customers, family and friends “What is a Trunk Show?” so here is some fun info on the types of trunk shows that are most popular and the types of trunk shows that AmberTortoise Jewelry hosts. What is a Trunk Show? In the fashion and jewelry world, trunk shows are VIP “sneak peek” events. A designer shows up at a venue, often a small boutique, carrying trunks of items from their latest collection – hence the name. A select group of invited attendees will peruse the trunks, talk one-on-one with the designer, and perhaps walk away with a bargain or two. Trunk shows last for a limited time – from a few hours to a couple of days. Often, there will be finger food and beverages, adding to the fun party atmosphere. … [Continue reading]

Summer Class: Learn How to Make a Pair of Beaded Earrings

Please join me this Friday, 08/17, from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Silver Circle Studio in Putnam, CT to learn how to make beautiful beaded earrings. Details are below.  You can register online here. Wine Down: Make a Pair of Beaded Earrings: Start your weeked with some creative fun!  Bring friends, wine for sharing, and relax with a creative project and light refreshments. Learn how to make beautiful beaded dangle earrings with jewelry designer Crista Grasso. Choose from copper or silver and a variety of gemstones and crystals to select from. Perfect for beginners or those who have experience but want to perfect making wrapped loops. Day/Time: Friday 8/17, 6:30-8:30pm. Cost: $40

Back To School- Etsy Treasury of the Week

School will soon be back in session; so I went on a hunt for some great handmade items that will get the school year started off right.  These items will make a child’s upcoming school year fun and help keep parents organized. I hope you enjoy this week’s treasury! Click on the image to be taken to the treasury on Etsy.

Gemstone Feature- Peridot (August’s Birthstone)

Beautiful green Peridot is the birthstone for August.  A symbol of dignity, fame, and protection, peridot attracts love and wealth while soothing nervousness.  Peridot is considered a semi-precious stone. Color:  Presents itself in a range of green hues, including yellowish green, lime, olive green, medium, and dark green shades. Source:   Arizona’s San Carlos Indian Reservation in the US is the most significant source of peridot today. Other sources are Burma, Pakistan, Kenya, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, China, and Eygpt. Age:  As jewelry, peridot was used in Ancient Egypt, and was prized by Egyptian pharaohs. Family:  Forsteritic olivine Hardness:  6.5-7 on the Mohs scale Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:   A symbol of dignity, fame, and protection, peridot is said to attract love and wealth while pacifying one’s temper. Health-wise, peridot helps increase one’s vitality and strength. It also soothes nervousness, and aids liver, lungs and adrenal function. Fun Facts/Stories:   The Egyptians called peridot the gem of the sun. … [Continue reading]

Inspired by Butterflies- Etsy Treasury of the Week

This week, I am feeling inspired by butterflies, so I went on the hunt for some great handmade butterfly-themed items on Etsy and this is what I found.  I hope you enjoy this week’s treasury! Click the image to be taken to the treasury on Etsy.

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