Only 7 Days Left to Save 60% Off Jewelry in Our Closing Sale

The countdown to July 1st continues.  There are only 7 days left until I launch my brand new jewelry line and close AmberTortoise Jewelry for good. You can enjoy 60% off of all closeout jewelry and accessories on the AmberTortoise site while they last.  Click here to shop the jewelry closeouts. Enter code GOINGGONE at checkout to receive the full 60% off discount. (Prices shown are 45% off and the coupon code will take an additional 15% off). Here are a few of my favorite One of a Kind and Limited Edition pieces of AmberTortoise Jewelry that are still remaining:

Help Fund Kill Me, Deadly – A Film Noir Comedy with Kirsten Vangsness

If you love checking out some of the unique and creative projects on Kickstarter as much as I do, you’ll love this fun project with Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds). It’s called Kill Me, Deadly, a film noir comedy (which I will admit I had no idea what film noir comedy was before I saw the kickstarter project :D). It looks like a pretty cool project, and how could it not be with Kirsten Vangness and Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds, as well as many others… The kickstarter project is currently almost half-way funded and it wraps up on July 1st.  I am personally counting down the days to July 1st since that is the day I launch my brand new jewelry line, and I am sure the team behind Kill Me, Deadly is counting down the days as well to see if their project gets fully funded. I was more … [Continue reading]

2013 Spring and Summer Color and Gemstone Trends

By now you have probably heard that Emerald is the 2013 “Color of the Year”.  (If you missed it, check out the press release from Pantone here.)  Green is sure to be everywhere this year (which is great for me because it’s my favorite color :D). But what other colors will be popular?  Earlier this year, Pantone announced the 10 top colors of spring and summer 2013, which include balanced neutrals such as Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, and Linen as well as the bright shades of Emerald, African Violet, Nectarine, Poppy Red, Lemon Zest, and Tender Shoots.  Pulling both the neutrals and brights together is the anchoring color Monaco Blue. Check out the top 10 colors for Spring and Summer 2013 below,  along with the associated gemstones in each beautiful color.  You will see these colors everywhere- from jewelry, to clothing, to home decor and furniture, to paint colors. They will … [Continue reading]

Crista Couture: New Website for Our Bespoke Jewelry

Some of Our Jewelry is Moving! I recently launched Crista Couture, a custom bespoke jewelry site for brides and entrepreneurs to work directly with me to create their own signature piece of jewelry. The new website also features exclusive one-of-a-kind fine jewelry featuring rare precious and semi-precious stones combined with sterling silver in unique and luxurious designs. The Crista Couture jewelry line had previously been a collection on the AmberTortoise Jewelry website, but starting 03/29/13, it will be available exclusively from You will find many new original designs, valuable resources about the healing properties of gemstones, as well as the opportunity for a complimentary design consultation for your own bespoke piece of jewelry. I invite you to visit the new website, explore the custom jewelry process, and browse the portfolio of completed  bespoke jewelry. {From the Crista Couture Website} I’d love to hear what you think of the new site! … [Continue reading]

Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a 100,000 square foot jewelry factory while in CA.  It was fascinating and oh so inspiring! I could get lost in creativity there for days (and I am fully planning on doing just that in a few months :D)! Want a behind the scenes look at how jewelry is manufactured?   Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the jewelry manufacturing process… I am very excited to be working with this factory in the creation of my new jewelry line.  More to come on this in future posts… I’d love to hear from you. Did you enjoy the video?   What do you think of the jewelry manufacturing process? Visit us online at  

Win a Free Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry

Would you like to win a FREE Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry? I am in the process of designing my newest collection of naked sandal foot jewelry (barefoot sandals) and I would love your help! Please take our very brief survey for your chance to win the naked sandal of your choice, a $68 value.   You will need a flexible measuring tape or a string + ruler to answer the questions and it should only take a couple minutes to complete. I will announce who wins the FREE Barefoot Sandal on Thursday 02/28- on our facebook page, blog and via email. Click here to take the survey.  Thank you for your help! The winner can choose from any of these styles of naked sandals ($68 value): Visit our online boutique at  

2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide from AmberTortoise Jewelry

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide from AmberTortoise Jewelry. This year, we’re inviting you to follow along over the next few weeks as we unveil our fantastic gift ideas for everyone in your life. From great themed gift ideas, special Thank You presents for your children’s teachers, memorable gifts for Mom, to unique and sexy gifts for that special someone in your life, we guarantee you will find some amazing and perhaps unexpected gifts to make everyone on your list happy this holiday season. Here is what you can expect and a sneak peak of some of our most unique and popular products.   11/05: Top 5 Gifts Every Teacher Will Love (…and it’s definitely not a coffee mug that says #1 Teacher on it!) Click here to see the top 5 gifts every teacher will love. 11/08:  Top 5 Vacation Jewelry Gifts Does someone on your list … [Continue reading]

Gemstone Feature- Citrine (November’s Birthstone)

Citrine is considered a secondary birthstone for November, with Topaz being the primary birthstone. Citrine is a symbol of the sun and is linked with wisdom and joy.  It is a semi-precious stone. Color:  Pale yellow to various shades of honey and golden yellows; the deeper the yellow, the more iron it contains and the higher its value. Source:   Primarily found in Brazil, but can also come from Spain, Madagascar, Uruguay, Scotland, and the US. Age:  Mentioned in Hellenistic Greece, from the 4th to the 1st century BCE. Family:  Quartz Hardness:  7 on the Mohs scale Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:   As a symbol of the sun, citrine is linked with wisdom and joy, and is well-regarded for helping to relieve depression, improving memory, and opening intuitive channels of knowledge and creativity. It is linked with helping writer’s unblock. Health-wise, it aids the kidney, liver, and heart and helps to remove bodily toxins. Fun Facts/Stories: … [Continue reading]

If it isn’t Sterling Silver, What is it?

Have you ever been curious about what it is you are buying when you buy “silver” jewelry that isn’t Sterling Silver? Have you ever wondered if what you are buying is really sterling silver when prices seem too good to be true? I get asked these questions all the time! This is the 1st in a 2-part post to help you make the best buying decisions when shopping for silver jewelry. -Part 1: If it isn’t Sterling Silver, What is it? -Part 2: Buyer Beware: Things to Watch Out for When Buying Silver Jewelry (coming 10/26) Whether buying fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, there are several different types of silver available and some less-than-honest things to watch out for.  Let’s start with what Sterling Silver is… Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver combined with 7.5% other metals, typically copper, which are used to strengthen the silver. Sterling Silver is usually stamped with .925 … [Continue reading]

Gemstone Feature- Opal (October’s Birthstone)

Opal is considered the primary birthstone for October. A symbol of happiness, hope, and truth, opal is thought to bring good luck. Opal is considered a semi-precious stone. Color:  Opal can present itself in a wide variety of colors. It can be colorless, white, gray, red, yellow, blue, magenta, rose, slate, brown, black, green, orange, and more. Precious opal reflects light with a dazzling display of intermixing colors. The red and black varieties are considered rare and valuable. White and greens, on the other hand, are quite common. Source:   Australia has the vast majority of opal. The US, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil also hold opal deposits. Age:   Opal is over 60 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs trodded the earth. Precious opal was greatly esteemed in Ancient Rome, who rated its preciousness only second to emeralds. Family:  Mineraloid … [Continue reading]

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