If it isn’t Sterling Silver, What is it?

Have you ever been curious about what it is you are buying when you buy “silver” jewelry that isn’t Sterling Silver? Have you ever wondered if what you are buying is really sterling silver when prices seem too good to be true? I get asked these questions all the time! This is the 1st in a 2-part post to help you make the best buying decisions when shopping for silver jewelry. -Part 1: If it isn’t Sterling Silver, What is it? -Part 2: Buyer Beware: Things to Watch Out for When Buying Silver Jewelry (coming 10/26) Whether buying fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, there are several different types of silver available and some less-than-honest things to watch out for.  Let’s start with what Sterling Silver is… Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver combined with 7.5% other metals, typically copper, which are used to strengthen the silver. Sterling Silver is usually stamped with .925 … [Continue reading]

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