So What is a Trunk Show, Anyway?

The term trunk show has been growing increasingly popular the past few years.  I frequently get asked by jewelry customers, family and friends “What is a Trunk Show?” so here is some fun info on the types of trunk shows that are most popular and the types of trunk shows that AmberTortoise Jewelry hosts.

What is a Trunk Show?

In the fashion and jewelry world, trunk shows are VIP “sneak peek” events.

A designer shows up at a venue, often a small boutique, carrying trunks of items from their latest collection – hence the name.

A select group of invited attendees will peruse the trunks, talk one-on-one with the designer, and perhaps walk away with a bargain or two.

Trunk shows last for a limited time – from a few hours to a couple of days. Often, there will be finger food and beverages, adding to the fun party atmosphere.

At a trunk show, you get the opportunity to view the entire line from a designer, instead of just the select pieces the boutique has in stock. You’re also able to talk to the designer about their products and gain that personal connection to items you purchase. And you may even get the chance to snap up new designs that haven’t even been released yet.

Types of Trunk Shows

There are many different types of trunk shows, depending on the type of product a designer creates and the different types of customers. The most common are:

Bridal Trunk Shows: Eagerly anticipated by fashion conscious brides, bridal trunk shows allow you to see an entire line from one designer, instead of the one or two dresses a boutique stocks. Brides often pick up dresses at special prices.

Handbag Trunk Shows: Handbag trunks shows are extremely popular with trend-spotting fashionistas. Want a designer handbag but aren’t sure which style? If you have a specific designer in mind, head along to their trunk show and snap up a new handbag design before it hits the streets.

Charity Trunk Shows: Some designers hold trunk shows to benefit their favorite charities. They might hold the show at the charity headquarters or at galas or events hosted specifically for the charity.  They donate some of the proceeds to the charity. These shows are a great way to support a good cause while snapping up some designer bargains.

Jewelry Trunk Shows:  Jewelry trunk shows are increasingly gaining in popularity.  You get to see an entire collection or line from your favorite jewelry designer, often including new pieces that are not available anywhere else yet.  They are typically held in boutiques or galleries but they can also take place at the designer’s studio or occasionally at a guest’s home.   AmberTortoise Jewelry hosts trunk shows at local galleries and out of our studio in Willington, CT, often as a collaboration with other artists in our building.  Sometimes, a jewelry trunk show will feature more than one jewelry designer or will mix jewelry with fashion, giving you the opportunity to mix and match pieces and see a wider range of designs.

Why Attend a Jewelry Trunk Show

  • You get to meet the jewelry designer in person, ask questions, and learn the inspiration first-hand behind your favorite pieces of their collection.
  • You are getting a sneak peak at new creations that aren’t available anywhere else yet.  If you are someone who values one-of-a-kind jewelry, this is an excellent opportunity to get the very best of the designer’s new line before anyone else has a chance to even see it, and a great way to build your unique jewelry collection.
  • They are really fun!  It is a relaxed and fun atmosphere, typically with wine and light snacks.  Stop in, try on some jewelry, ask some questions, chat with the designer, and enjoy the great company.

About AmberTortoise Jewelry and Crista Couture Trunk Shows

AmberTortoise Jewelry and Crista Couture offer 2 primary types of trunk shows- bridal jewelry trunk shows and special occasion jewelry trunk shows.

Bridal Jewelry Trunk Shows:

We offer private bridal jewelry trunk shows out of our studio in Willington, CT where I share with select bridal parties our exclusive line of elegant bridal jewelry.

The bride has the choice of any of the pieces from our large selection of wedding jewelry, or is able to hand-select the materials, colors and design that is perfect for her bridal party.  The bride invites members from her bridal party including her bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and flower girls.

Light snacks and drinks are served and the trunk show usually lasts an average of 2-4 hours depending on the size of the bridal party.

The benefits of the private jewelry trunk show are:

  • Everyone gets to try on a variety of jewelry pieces in a relaxed and fun environment- the event is created only for them
  • They are encouraged to bring their dresses or swatches and receive expert advice on the best styles and lengths to compliment the dresses and body types for each member of the bridal party for a look that is consistent AND flattering on everyone
  • Each piece of jewelry is custom fitted to each member of the bridal party

Learn more here:

Special Occasion Trunk Shows:

Our special occasion trunk shows are typically held when we release a new jewelry line, or when we collaborate with other artists on a specific theme.

For example, our next trunk show, planned for September 15th, 2012, is a collaborative event between AmberTortoise Jewelry and Christine Bové, who is a Fashion Feng Shui® facilitator specializing in using fashion and accessories to transform your style… and your life.  Together, we are hosting a free jewelry Fashion Feng Shui® trunk show where you will get an advanced preview of AmberTortoise Jewelry’s new Fall and Winter 2012 jewelry line AND enjoy a complimentary Fashion Feng Shui® mini-consultation from Christine Bové.

Our trunk shows are always fun, but we think guests will especially enjoy this one because they will get to experience AmberTortoise Jewelry’s new Fall & Winter collection while also getting expert advice on how to wear certain styles and how to use jewelry to help transform your life (think of “dress for success”).  Plus, there will be plenty of wine and homemade goodies to snack on, and photographers to capture pictures of you in your favorite pieces (for those who are willing to get their picture taken :D).

If you would like to join us at our upcoming trunk show, click here to sign up- it’s completely free to attend:

Where to Look for Trunk Shows:

Every designer and gallery puts their own unique twist on the trunk shows they host.

If you would like to attend a trunk show, the best way to find one you will enjoy is to check our your favorite jewelry designer or brand’s website, or check out what your local galleries have to offer.

Once you attend one, you will be hooked!  It is a great way to experience a designer’s collection and make a personal connection with that designer and their creations.

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