How to Wear Back Jewelry (Better Than a Celebrity)

Ever since the Oscar’s, everyone is talking about back jewelry.  Jennifer Lawrence and Ann Hathaway both rocked different back jewelry looks this year.

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Styles of back jewelry are just as varied as styles of necklaces.

They can be as simple as a single chain with decorative dangle hanging down the back of the neck a few inches, or as dramatic as a multi-layered statement back necklace.

Contrary to some of the articles that have been published lately, back jewelry is nothing new. It is also not simply wearing a regular necklace backwards, although this is certainly an option and the look Jennifer Lawrence chose for the Oscars.

Back jewelry is a very elegant and sexy way to accentuate your back and shoulder area, especially if wearing a strapless dress or a top with an open back.

Want to wear back jewelry but you aren’t sure how?  

Here are some tips about where and how to wear back jewelry (without looking like your necklace accidentally ended up backwards).

Back Jewelry for Weddings

Back jewelry can add a touch of unexpected elegance to your wedding ensemble- it’s especially beautiful when worn with up-dos and short hair styles.

When to Go Simple:

Simple Back JewelryIf you have an over-sized hair piece, it is best to keep the back jewelry simple.

Choose a dainty chain with a decorative dangle like this 3″ drop chain adorned with stacks of freshwater button & coin pearls.

It’s just the right amount of back jewelry for an elegant look.

{Photo: White Keishi Pearl Necklace with back drop from AmberTortoise Jewelry}


When to Go Bold:

Back JewelryWant something more dramatic?

Short or simple hair styles lend themselves to more dramatic back jewelry, especially when paired with a strapless wedding dress or a dress with a plunging open back.

Every bit as elegant but it makes much more of a statement.

{Photo: Multi-layer Freshwater Pearl Necklace / Back Necklace from AmberTortoise Jewelry} 

These strapless and plunging open back dresses would look beautiful with back jewelry.


{Photos from Pinterest}

Back Jewelry for Vacation

Strapless tops, dresses with open or draping backs, and bathing suits are all staples when you are on vacation.

Vacation is also a great time to wear something more bold.  Why not dress up your back with some jewelry?

If wearing your back jewelry to the pool or beach, look for colors and styles that shimmer and match the beautiful blue water.

{Photo: Caribbean Blue Necklace / Back Necklace / Belly Chain from AmberTortoise Jewelry}

Back Jewelry for Romance

Backs are sexy.

Why not show yours off and accentuate this sexiness?

Pieces like this exotic body chain from my Nearly Naked collection are designed specifically to accentuate the best parts of a woman’s body, like her back.

Pair this type of back jewelry with your favorite bra, corset, or better yet with nothing at all.

Trust me ladies, your man will love it! 😉

{Photo: Body Chain from AmberTortoise Jewelry}


Back Jewelry for Everyday

Think back jewelry is too dramatic to be worn to the office or around town?  If you choose a simple style, you can wear back jewelry every day and anywhere.

Look for necklaces that have a decorative dangle at the back of the neck- it adds a touch of elegance and class to your back and can go from the office straight to a cocktail party.

{Photos:  Assorted Necklaces with Back Drops from AmberTortoise Jewelry} 

Other Tips On How to Wear Back Jewelry

Look for necklaces that can be worn backwards such as long necklaces that do not have a clasp, or necklaces with a decorative clasp that can double as a pendant.

Any time you are showing your back, consider adding a necklace to dress it up, whether it is a necklace specifically designed for the back or just the right necklace that can be worn backwards.

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