Mid-Year Reflections

I can’t believe it is already almost July and the year is half over.  It seems like a good time to reflect on the goals I set for the year back in January, reprioritize, and regain some focus.
My overall goal for the year can be summed up in one word- Balance.  2011 is the year to create balance in my life- between my career, my business, my family and friends, and my health.  With so much going on and my overly ambitious goals, all my time had been focused on my business with little in the other equally important areas of my life… so I made the tough decision to scale back in order to make room for those things I was neglecting, and to open doors for new opportunities.    
Scaling back was difficult to do, because I hate to give things up, especially when I genuinely enjoy them… but I knew the time was right, so I: 
  • Reduced the number of galleries and boutiques where I sell my jewelry
  • Cut down on the number of fine art & craft shows I participate in
  • Decided to only sell my jewelry online through Etsy and my own website and closed up shop on the other sites
  • Gave up writing a monthly jewelry article for Horizons magazine

Giving these things up provided me with the time I needed to accomplish some amazing things so far this year: 

  • Became one of only ~500 people in the world (at the time) with a PgMP (Program Management) certification 
  • Learned some new advanced techniques in wire wrapping
  • Started a new business (more on this in a later blog entry)
  • Learned how to make jewelry using the lost wax technique- it’s so fun!!
  • Attended numerous jewelry, business and PM workshops & classes- yes, I am a learning junkie!
  • Made it on TV twice (one interview and one mention)
  • Took a road trip with my sister to DC for my birthday and hung out with Bret Michaels after enjoying front row tix to the concert- yup, not so bad of a birthday at all!


So far, it all sounds great, right?  Well, I haven’t even come close to balance yet.  I gave things up but quickly filled that time with something else, and in some cases, twice as much.  I am still constantly going, going, going but haven’t taken the time to recharge my batteries.  Somehow my health always manages to get overlooked and this year has been no different.  BUT the year is only half way over.  I still have 6 months to make some positive changes.  So…
  •  No more excuses!  Exercising and eating healthy is going to be a priority and not something I push aside the first chance I get; vanity aside, my body will thank me for it!
  •  I am going to very clearly outline my goals for the next 6 months and get comfortable saying no to anything that doesn’t support those goals, even if it seems like a good opportunity (I just can’t do them all)
  •  Plan something incredibly fun for my 5-year anniversary! 
  •  Spend more time with my husband, my dogs, my family and my wonderful friends, some who support me every day and some who I haven’t stayed in touch with nearly enough
  •  Recognize that I am never going to get it all done and that is okay, as long as I get the most important things done
  •  Accept that it is okay to not always be doing something
Where are you with your goals for 2011?  A lot can be accomplished in 6 months! Let’s encourage each other, focus on what matters most and make the next 6 months something to be proud of!
Crista 🙂


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