Friday Find of the Week: Wrap-Around Swimsuit by hisOpal

There is nothing better than spending a day in the pool in the summer- hot sun, cool water, maybe a frozen drink in hand….  but just the thought of putting on a bathing suit can seem terrifying (okay, maybe that’s just me :D), especially after one too many desert indulgences.

That’s why I love this wrap-around bathing suit idea by hisOpal.  Wear it bikini-style or cover yourself up- add in some clever twists and ties and it looks stylish and beautiful any way you wear it.  Best of all, it’s only one swimsuit that can produce endless styles.

What is the Wrap-Around Swimsuit by hisOpal?

Per their Etsy store, Ours is an endeavor in simplistic, functional elegance. This line of wrap around swimwear isn’t just for swimming. It’s designed to make you feel beautiful about yourself. It fits, period. Wear it on the beach, or with heels and a skirt for a night out. However you wrap it, that is how it works. ☺

How did I find this product?

My assistant found this product while creating a Treasury on Etsy and I immediately fell in love!  I am all about versatility and love the creative spin on a traditional bathing suit.

And best of all, I think these suits would pair perfectly with our barefoot sandals!  What do you think- can’t you picture them together? 😀

I love their tagline-“one suit…endless style”.  It certainly seems that way.

Curious how to wrap them?  They have a handy video tutorial on their facebook page that shows you how.

Am I an affiliate of theirs?

Nope. I just love a great product when I find one and especially love something that is created with versatility in mind.  And speaking of versatility- all suits can instantly be turned into a maternity suit- it’s all in how you wrap it.  Very cool!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend (and spend some time in the pool with a frozen drink 🙂 ).

Welcome to Friday Finds where I highlight great products and ingenious ideas. Sure, it sometimes has little to do with jewelry or fashion, but I’m sure you will find something you wonder how you ever lived without!

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