Fashion Feng Shui Tips: 5 Ways to Accessorize your Intentions with the AmberTortoise Collection

Guest post by Christine Bove

You probably don’t think about the jewelry you put on your body and the impact it can have on your energy. Maybe you heard about different crystals and how they have the ability to heal you, but have you ever considered selecting jewelry that affirms your intentions?

In Fashion Feng Shui consultations, one of the techniques I teach my clients is to dress their intentions using the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  By affirming your intentions in your wardrobe you naturally attract it into your life.

One simple and fun way to dress your intentions is with jewelry. I’ve highlighted some fabulous pieces from the AmberTortoise Collection to give you examples of how to dress your intentions using the 5 elements.

Water Intention:

  • If your intentions require you to go deep inside for a spiritual healing, write a book, create music or art.

foot jewelry  Custom Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry:

Unique and creative are the keywords that represent water. The bold statement and attraction represents fire.

This piece is perfect if you want your creative energies to flow and gain recognition for them.


Wood Intention:

  • If your intentions require you to start a new business, create change in your life, improve your health.

Wood intention earrings  Copper Midnight Sun Sitara Earrings:

The straight, simple and column shape of these earrings represent wood. The copper beads and decorative spaces represent metal.

These earrings are ideal if your intention is to start a new business, get organized and increase your income.

Fire Intention:

  • If your intention is to start a new relationship, be more passionate, have more fun or step into the limelight.
    Fire ring

Mystic Topaz Bali Ring- Pink:

The fuchsia coloring, sparkle and size make a fire statement. The oval shape and titanium band represent metal.

This ring is ideal if you want to add more passion and fun in a upscale way.

Earth Intention:

  • If your intention is to create stability and security, commit yourself to someone or something, care for others or self.

Earth JewerlyBlack Freshwater Pearl Necklace:

The chunky appearance of this necklace represents earth and the pearls represent metal.

If you need to be more refined, or conservative, in the work place this is the ideal necklace.


Metal Intention:

  • If your intention is to make more money, work with higher-end clients, or get organized.

Metal Bracelet Sterling Silver Swirl Cuff Bracelet:

The round curve swirls represent metal, perfect for getting organized, precision, and increasing your income.

Ideal to be wearing when asking for a raise or landing a high-end client.

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About this guest post’s author, Christine Bove:

Christine Bové is a certified Feng Shui expert who believes that the Chinese Art of Placement is more than rearranging furniture; it’s a transformation of oneself.

She offers Feng Shui solutions to enhance your home, life, career, relations, image, and beyond, and many of her services are offered virtually.

Visit her website here.

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