Friday Find of the Week: Organic Green Screen Sunscreen by Kabana Skin Care

I love eco-friendly and organic products and love to share the ones I use with you, so this week’s Friday Find of the Week is Organic Green Screen Sunscreen by Kabana Skin Care.  It is my absolute favorite sun block and one that I only recently discovered. I had the pleasure of meeting Kabana’s owner, Erik Kreider, earlier this year and the first thing that struck me about him was how incredibly passionate and knowledgeable he is about organic skin care, especially sunscreen. I was getting ready to head to Trinidad and needed a good sun block so I thought of Kabana and decided to give Green Screen a try.  I am officially hooked and can’t imagine ever using another sunscreen! For the first time in my life, I got to enjoy a tropical vacation without burning.  I am pretty light skinned and tend to not only burn easily, but … [Continue reading]

Natural Jewelry Care: How to Clean Your Jewelry Using Soap and Water

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are overlooked.  When it comes to cleaning jewelry, I always like to start simple with a focus on quick, easy, and environmentally friendly.  Using soap and water is one way to do just that. How To Clean Your Jewelry Using Soap and Water: Gather the following supplies: bowl, natural dish soap, soft bristled brush, natural paper towels or cloth, your jewelry to be cleaned Fill a bowl with warm water Add a drop or two of natural dish detergent (the specific amount will depend on the size of the bowl, but it should be minimal) Gently stir the water to mix the soap with the water Add your jewelry to the soapy water Gently “stir” your jewelry in the water, and if necessary, use a soft bristled brush to really clean your jewelry and get in the hard-to-reach spaces Remove, rinse well under running water, then … [Continue reading]

Natural Jewelry Care: How to Remove Tarnish From Your Jewelry Using Baking Soda

Use all natural baking soda to safely and effectively clean tarnish off your sterling silver or gold jewelry.  The entire process from start to finish should take you less than 10 minutes.  Learn how in this video I created: This method is best for: Solid Metal Sterling Silver or Gold Jewelry Jewelry that is mildly to moderately tarnished Avoid using on: Jewelry with organic materials such as pearls, or soft gemstones and natural materials such as amber, turquoise, shell, malachite, opal and coral Jewelry that is heavily tarnished (additional cleaning methods may be necessary) Supplies- what you will need: Baking Soda Boiling Water An aluminium baking dish (like a pie tin), OR a glass baking dish and aluminum foil A soft bristled brush The jewelry you want to clean Steps: Boil 1-2 cups of water and set it aside Line a glass baking dish with aluminum foil, making sure it … [Continue reading]

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