Sneak Peak: New Jewelry Line

I can only share so much info and so many pictures right now of my new jewelry line since I am in the process of getting trademarks, and applying for patents, and all that fun legal stuff… but I do want to give you a sneak peak at a couple of the new pieces. Here is our newest belly chain, that can also be worn as a back necklace, or regular necklace chain.  It is in a gorgeous Caribbean blue color to match our existing Caribbean blue naked sandals and bracelet-rings.         Here are some sketches of other new designs currently being created.  I typically start with sketches and then create the finished pieces.  These are a work in process and will be ready to launch soon.    

Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a 100,000 square foot jewelry factory while in CA.  It was fascinating and oh so inspiring! I could get lost in creativity there for days (and I am fully planning on doing just that in a few months :D)! Want a behind the scenes look at how jewelry is manufactured?   Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the jewelry manufacturing process… I am very excited to be working with this factory in the creation of my new jewelry line.  More to come on this in future posts… I’d love to hear from you. Did you enjoy the video?   What do you think of the jewelry manufacturing process? Visit us online at  

The Celebrity Gift Lounge at The 3rd Annual Thirst Gala

I just got back from attending the 3rd Annual Thirst Gala in LA and my sister and I had such a blast!  Here are some photos of the event, from prep through after-party. Behind the Scenes- Before the Event Began: While the event coordinators were getting the event prepped, we were setting up our table: And here it is, finally finished after 2.5 hours of set up: Back up to the room to prep and get ready, and then it’s time to meet the celebrities and let the festivities begin: The highlight of the night for us was meeting Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds)!  She is amazing and I was so honored that she took time to come and meet me before she started hosting the Gala. Everyone we met was wonderful!  We didn’t get pictures of everyone, including one of our other favorites, Michael Johns. The Thirst … [Continue reading]

Behind the Scenes- Prep for the Celebrity Gift Lounge

Finding out that I had an opportunity to participate in a celebrity gift lounge for an amazing charity was beyond exciting… but also a little overwhelming.  All those things I should have done months ago but never seemed to make the top of my priority list all of a sudden became critically important!  New business cards, brochures, signs and banners, creation of over 40 pairs of barefoot sandals… plus finding a dress that might be remotely flattering… my initial “to-do” list had over 50 high priority items on it.  All this while moving my website to a new platform and working on some other exciting adventures in entrepreneurship (too soon to share the details on these yet…). I considered not participating because it seemed like too much to get done in only 2.5 weeks… but I have always been one to embrace a challenge so I decided to let the … [Continue reading]

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