Crista Couture: New Website for Our Bespoke Jewelry

Some of Our Jewelry is Moving! I recently launched Crista Couture, a custom bespoke jewelry site for brides and entrepreneurs to work directly with me to create their own signature piece of jewelry. The new website also features exclusive one-of-a-kind fine jewelry featuring rare precious and semi-precious stones combined with sterling silver in unique and luxurious designs. The Crista Couture jewelry line had previously been a collection on the AmberTortoise Jewelry website, but starting 03/29/13, it will be available exclusively from You will find many new original designs, valuable resources about the healing properties of gemstones, as well as the opportunity for a complimentary design consultation for your own bespoke piece of jewelry. I invite you to visit the new website, explore the custom jewelry process, and browse the portfolio of completed  bespoke jewelry. {From the Crista Couture Website} I’d love to hear what you think of the new site! … [Continue reading]

How to Get the Most Value From Your Jewelry Purchases

I have received a few questions recently about value – “how can I tell if I am getting good value?”, “how can I tell if what I bought is good quality and will last?”, “how do I know if it is a good investment?”.  These are all very good questions, especially when making a big purchase. Here are 4 things to consider when you purchase jewelry that will ensure you get the most value from your purchases. How often will you wear it? Is it good quality? How much do you like it? Are you worth the investment?   1. How often will you wear it? People typically buy 2 types of jewelry- everyday jewelry or special occasion jewelry. Everyday Jewelry: Everyday jewelry can be something that you wear year-round, or that is seasonal. These are the staples in your jewelry box and the pieces that you turn to again … [Continue reading]

Mid-Year Reflections

I can’t believe it is already almost July and the year is half over.  It seems like a good time to reflect on the goals I set for the year back in January, reprioritize, and regain some focus. My overall goal for the year can be summed up in one word- Balance.  2011 is the year to create balance in my life- between my career, my business, my family and friends, and my health.  With so much going on and my overly ambitious goals, all my time had been focused on my business with little in the other equally important areas of my life… so I made the tough decision to scale back in order to make room for those things I was neglecting, and to open doors for new opportunities.     Scaling back was difficult to do, because I hate to give things up, especially when I genuinely … [Continue reading]

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