Behind the Scenes- Prep for the Celebrity Gift Lounge

Finding out that I had an opportunity to participate in a celebrity gift lounge for an amazing charity was beyond exciting… but also a little overwhelming.  All those things I should have done months ago but never seemed to make the top of my priority list all of a sudden became critically important!  New business cards, brochures, signs and banners, creation of over 40 pairs of barefoot sandals… plus finding a dress that might be remotely flattering… my initial “to-do” list had over 50 high priority items on it.  All this while moving my website to a new platform and working on some other exciting adventures in entrepreneurship (too soon to share the details on these yet…).

I considered not participating because it seemed like too much to get done in only 2.5 weeks… but I have always been one to embrace a challenge so I decided to let the madness begin!

What did the madness include?

Making over 40 barefoot sandals in assorted styles and sizes for the celebrity and media give-away.  Thankfully, my sister and creative assistant spent a lot of time helping me get them created!  Here they are, hard at work, in what we called the “sweat-shop” since my studio still has no AC.

Finding a dress to wear that would both be appropriate for a black tie event and wouldn’t look awful.  After countless hours of searching, this is the one I ended up with:

Getting all my marketing materials created and printed.  This one was the most time consuming and stressful, but I love the results!  Here is everything I created for the event:

Brochures (outside and inside):

Gift Certificates for the recipients to gift to a friend or use themselves (front & back):

New business cards to match the colors of my new website (front & back):

Banners to display (small for the front of the table and large to hang behind my table):


Instruction cards to accompany the barefoot sandals (front and back):

Stickers to add to the purple gift bags:

I’m not done prepping yet, but I am getting close.

What’s left?

Lots of packing and making some super sexy exotic jewelry for my sister and I to wear to the event- this will include barefoot sandals of course.  I’m thinking onyx or amethyst… but we’ll see see what I come up with!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pictures when I get to the event in LA.


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