Sneak Peak: New Jewelry Line

I can only share so much info and so many pictures right now of my new jewelry line since I am in the process of getting trademarks, and applying for patents, and all that fun legal stuff… but I do want to give you a sneak peak at a couple of the new pieces. Here is our newest belly chain, that can also be worn as a back necklace, or regular necklace chain.  It is in a gorgeous Caribbean blue color to match our existing Caribbean blue naked sandals and bracelet-rings.         Here are some sketches of other new designs currently being created.  I typically start with sketches and then create the finished pieces.  These are a work in process and will be ready to launch soon.    

Announcement: AmberTortoise is Closing

I have been hinting at some very big changes coming for AmberTortoise Jewelry this year.  If you have been curious what they are, watch the video below. AmberTortoise Jewelry is getting a facelift- a major one!  In fact, even our name is changing.  AmberTortoise as you know it is closing.     Yes, you read that right.  AmberTortoise Jewelry is closing.  Don’t worry though- it is a good thing, and something I am so super excited about! Check out the video to your left to hear all about the closure and the launch of the new jewelry line.   I also show you some of the pieces of jewelry from my brand new jewelry line and tell you how to get 35% off all remaining jewelry & accessories! To celebrate the transition from AmberTortoise Jewelry to the new jewelry brand, I am closing out all jewelry and accessories at 35% … [Continue reading]

Gemstone Feature- Diamond (April’s Birthstone)

Diamond, one of the most sought-after precious gemstones, is the birthstone for April.  Diamonds are considered a symbol of purity and thought to stimulate creativity and imagination.  In addition to their use in wedding and engagement jewelry, diamonds are also the official gemstone for 60th wedding anniversaries. Cubic Zirconia is frequently used as an alternative to diamonds. Color:  Diamonds come in a variety of different colors. Most commonly they are brown, yellow, gray, or colorless. Less common colors would include blue, green, black, pink, violet, orange, purple, red and translucent white. Source:   Diamonds can be found in several places globally including Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Lesotho, Russia, India, Canada, United States and Australia. Age:  Diamonds were first discovered and mined in India. It is hard to pinpoint the exact date of discovery, but it is believed to be about 6,000 years ago.  Family:  Carbon Hardness:  10 on the Mohs scale Gemstone Properties/Healing … [Continue reading]

2013 Spring and Summer Color and Gemstone Trends

By now you have probably heard that Emerald is the 2013 “Color of the Year”.  (If you missed it, check out the press release from Pantone here.)  Green is sure to be everywhere this year (which is great for me because it’s my favorite color :D). But what other colors will be popular?  Earlier this year, Pantone announced the 10 top colors of spring and summer 2013, which include balanced neutrals such as Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, and Linen as well as the bright shades of Emerald, African Violet, Nectarine, Poppy Red, Lemon Zest, and Tender Shoots.  Pulling both the neutrals and brights together is the anchoring color Monaco Blue. Check out the top 10 colors for Spring and Summer 2013 below,  along with the associated gemstones in each beautiful color.  You will see these colors everywhere- from jewelry, to clothing, to home decor and furniture, to paint colors. They will … [Continue reading]

Crista Couture: New Website for Our Bespoke Jewelry

Some of Our Jewelry is Moving! I recently launched Crista Couture, a custom bespoke jewelry site for brides and entrepreneurs to work directly with me to create their own signature piece of jewelry. The new website also features exclusive one-of-a-kind fine jewelry featuring rare precious and semi-precious stones combined with sterling silver in unique and luxurious designs. The Crista Couture jewelry line had previously been a collection on the AmberTortoise Jewelry website, but starting 03/29/13, it will be available exclusively from You will find many new original designs, valuable resources about the healing properties of gemstones, as well as the opportunity for a complimentary design consultation for your own bespoke piece of jewelry. I invite you to visit the new website, explore the custom jewelry process, and browse the portfolio of completed  bespoke jewelry. {From the Crista Couture Website} I’d love to hear what you think of the new site! … [Continue reading]

Behind the Scenes: Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a 100,000 square foot jewelry factory while in CA.  It was fascinating and oh so inspiring! I could get lost in creativity there for days (and I am fully planning on doing just that in a few months :D)! Want a behind the scenes look at how jewelry is manufactured?   Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the jewelry manufacturing process… I am very excited to be working with this factory in the creation of my new jewelry line.  More to come on this in future posts… I’d love to hear from you. Did you enjoy the video?   What do you think of the jewelry manufacturing process? Visit us online at  

How to Wear Back Jewelry (Better Than a Celebrity)

Ever since the Oscar’s, everyone is talking about back jewelry.  Jennifer Lawrence and Ann Hathaway both rocked different back jewelry looks this year. {Photo from Pinterest} Styles of back jewelry are just as varied as styles of necklaces. They can be as simple as a single chain with decorative dangle hanging down the back of the neck a few inches, or as dramatic as a multi-layered statement back necklace. Contrary to some of the articles that have been published lately, back jewelry is nothing new. It is also not simply wearing a regular necklace backwards, although this is certainly an option and the look Jennifer Lawrence chose for the Oscars. Back jewelry is a very elegant and sexy way to accentuate your back and shoulder area, especially if wearing a strapless dress or a top with an open back. Want to wear back jewelry but you aren’t sure how?   Here are … [Continue reading]

Gemstone Feature- Aquamarine (March’s Birthstone)

Aquamarine, a soothing blue semi-precious stone, is the birthstone for March.  Aquamarine is linked with loyalty, beauty, honesty, foresight, courage, and contentment.  It ignites love, and opens up paths for new friendships. Color:   Spans a range of blues, from pastel blue to deep blue. Aquamarines form flawless crystals and are favored by many gemstone designers. Source:   Brazil has the majority of mines, producing high quality crystals.  It can also be found in Pakistan, India, Russia, Afghanistan, USA, Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria, and Mozambique. Age:   Aquamarines were first associated with the Romans, who honored the gem’s supposed power. Roman grooms presented it to their wives on their wedding night, as it was associated with promoting marital harmony. Family:  Beryl Hardness:  7.5-8 on the Mohs scale Gemstone Properties/Healing Properties:   Symbolically, aquamarine is linked with loyalty, beauty, honesty, foresight, courage, and contentment. Considered to relieve discord in romantic relationships, it promotes mutual understanding and reconciliation. … [Continue reading]

How to Get the Most Value From Your Jewelry Purchases

I have received a few questions recently about value – “how can I tell if I am getting good value?”, “how can I tell if what I bought is good quality and will last?”, “how do I know if it is a good investment?”.  These are all very good questions, especially when making a big purchase. Here are 4 things to consider when you purchase jewelry that will ensure you get the most value from your purchases. How often will you wear it? Is it good quality? How much do you like it? Are you worth the investment?   1. How often will you wear it? People typically buy 2 types of jewelry- everyday jewelry or special occasion jewelry. Everyday Jewelry: Everyday jewelry can be something that you wear year-round, or that is seasonal. These are the staples in your jewelry box and the pieces that you turn to again … [Continue reading]

Win a Free Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry

Would you like to win a FREE Naked Sandal / Barefoot Sandal from AmberTortoise Jewelry? I am in the process of designing my newest collection of naked sandal foot jewelry (barefoot sandals) and I would love your help! Please take our very brief survey for your chance to win the naked sandal of your choice, a $68 value.   You will need a flexible measuring tape or a string + ruler to answer the questions and it should only take a couple minutes to complete. I will announce who wins the FREE Barefoot Sandal on Thursday 02/28- on our facebook page, blog and via email. Click here to take the survey.  Thank you for your help! The winner can choose from any of these styles of naked sandals ($68 value): Visit our online boutique at  

Visit our online jewelry boutique at