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Getting a mentor for my jewelry business was a big decision for me this year and I couldn’t be happier to have done it!  This year has been completely transformational in so many ways, both for my business and for me personally.  More to come on that later or you can read a little about it in this blog post here….

For now, I wanted to share with you a special event that my mentor, Ali Brown, just announced.

It’s a *FREE 2-day LiveCast*, happening this THURSDAY & FRIDAY, *September 13 & 14*, 2012.  You can get the details and reserve your spot here.

If you’re a business owner or are dreaming of starting your own business, you don’t want to miss this!  (and yes, it works for artists too!)

Over the course of *12 content-rich hours*, Ali and her guest experts and colleagues will deliver some impactful training that will help you map out *how to get to YOUR next level of success*. (I’m a member of Ali’s Elevate online business training program, and have seen Ali in action first-hand. Trust me, the techniques and strategies she teaches can transform the way you work!)

When you join us for this LiveCast, you’ll gain:

  • Ali’s best, direct marketing and business strategies that you can use immediately to determine *your fastest path to more income* now
  • The REAL stories… and *hard truths*… from women who have grown huge incomes and what it really took to get there. (Were there sacrifices made? Were there places they wanted to give up or stop? How did they know it was the “right” idea at the time?)
  • Various ways to *grow your business and attract new clients*… even from scratch: prescriptions just for you, depending on your current stage of business
  • The chance to *get YOUR questions answered LIVE* on the spot by Ali, her coaches, and her special guest experts
  • Interviews with *real women like you and me* who have used their businesses to create the *incomes and lives of their dreams* (and how they did it…)
  • A few *surprise guests*, and surprise *giveaways*, too!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! All you need is your computer and an Internet connection to see Ali’s LIVE show.

Save your free spot for the LiveCast here.

Also, when you register for this free LiveCast, you’re also going to get access to Ali’s new Thrive Video series. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s causing quite a stir!   Ali and James Roche are amazing and you will get a lot of valuable info from the video series that you can implement right away.

Over 15,000 women have watched this series just the past week alone! But these videos won’t be available after midnight THIS Friday, September 14, so hurry!

To get instant access to the videos and reserve your spot for the LiveCast, sign up here.

I recently sent Ali Brown a thank you gift for this amazing program- I made her a custom pair of barefoot sandals in the Thrive colors and added in her birthstone for some added personalization (and no, those aren’t Ali’s feet in the pictures, they’re mine- I am sure her feet are much nicer than mine 😀 ).

About her Custom .925 Sterling Silver, Pink Mystic Topaz, Amethyst, and Peridot Barefoot Sandals:

I hand-selected stunning pink mystic topaz and royal purple amethyst, along with green peridot drops.  Why these stones?  In addition to being the thrive colors:

Mystic Topaz is a balancing and calming stone that releases tension, balances emotions, and brings joy.  It opens your mind to new possibilities and boosts it to higher, more productive levels of thought and creativity.  The infusion of pink to the mystic topaz adds nurturing, kindness, love, and an increased awareness of life purpose.

Amethyst heightens psychic/intuitive powers and promotes creative abilities. It aids clarity, soothes and calms. It protects against self-deception and enhances your ability to focus your energy.

Peridot is a symbol of dignity, fame, and protection, peridot attracts love and wealth while soothing nervousness. The Egyptians called peridot the gem of the sun. It’s been associated with light throughout history.

Ali Brown is the real deal.  She is an amazing mentor and visionary for women business owners and I am very grateful to be a part of her Elevate program this year.  Hopefully she loves her thank you gift. 🙂

What about you?  Do you have a mentor or a program that has helped you in your business or your life?  If you don’t and you’ve been thinking about getting one, I can’t say enough positive things about Elevate.  I hope to see you in the private members area soon!

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