AmberTortoise Jewelry at the 3rd Annual Thirst Gala in LA on June 26th, 2012

We are proud to be supporting the Thirst Project at the 3rd Annual Thirst Gala in LA on June 26th, 2012.

We will be gifting celebrities and media with our unique and signature barefoot sandals, The Original Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry™.  Elegant, sexy, and exotic, our barefoot sandals are our best-selling jewelry item and the personal favorite of owner and jewelry designer, Crista Grasso.  She hopes that recipients will enjoy the barefoot sandals they receive in the Celebrity Gift Lounge and she is so happy to contribute to such a  wonderful charity that is making a difference and savings lives across the world.

About The Original Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry™ by AmberTortoise:

Inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry, Crista made her first barefoot sandal in 2003.  Her line has expanded to include 3 distinct styles and are a favorite for brides planning a destination wedding or honeymoon.  Unlike other barefoot sandals, The Original Barefoot Sandal Foot Jewelry™ is made to also be worn with sandals so they can go from a day at the beach to a night on the town.


  1. .925 Sterling Silver combined with natural gemstones or freshwater pearls in gorgeous exotic designs
  2. .925 Sterling Silver Chain with adjustable Sterling Silver toe rings in elegant and sophisticated designs
  3. Tibetan Silver Chain with adjustable or stretch toe rings (our most affordable style)

What makes AmberTortoise‘s Barefoot Sandals Unique:

  1. Originality! Our barefoot sandals are the original and although many have been inspired by our designs over the years, none are quite the same
  2. Quality!  Our barefoot sandals are extremely well made and durable.  They are made to be worn both barefoot and with sandals so they are made to last.
  3. Customization! Let us work with you to design the perfect barefoot sandal for your destination wedding, honeymoon or special event.  We will integrate your color, style and preferences into a barefoot sandal that reflects your personality perfectly.  They are also custom made to your foot size for a perfect fit every time!

About The Thirst Project:

Their goal is to provide safe, clean water and sanitization to 1 Million people by 2015.

Why?  When you bring safe water into a community, disease immediately drops by 80%! Child mortality drops by nearly 99% almost overnight!

How?  Reach the water that already exists in aquifers usually only 100-300 feet underground. One well can provide up to 500 people with clean water indefinitely. One well can save lives.

Once wells are completed, they form a water committee within each community that is educated about the importance of hand-washing and proper sanitization and is responsible for ensuring that the well stays clean and maintained.

Want to Learn More or Contribute?

Visit the Thirst Project’s website to learn more about this wonderful charity and the work they are doing.

Want to attend the 3rd Annual Thirst Gala in LA on 06/26/12?

You can purchase tickets here.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind the scenes photos as we prep for the event and head to LA!

Check out the official Press Release here.


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