2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts Under $30

Welcome to the sixth of 12 posts from the 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide from AmberTortoise Jewelry.

Below you will find the top 5 gifts under $30- great stocking stuffers!

Check out the full 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide for the top 5 gifts for everyone else on your holiday list.

Looking for a stocking stuffer gift? Or something special to finish off the perfect collection of gifts? Or something priced just right for your boss, co-worker, child’s teacher or coach?

Shopping by price makes holiday gift giving super easy!

These top 5 gifts under $30 are some of our most popular stocking stuffer gifts that she is sure to love.

Whimsical, decorative, and fun, any of these top 5 gifts under $30 will be a big hit this holiday.

1. Elegant Bookmarks / Home Decor


AmberTortoise bookmarks will make a great gift she is sure to love!  In addition to being perfect to save the page in her favorite book, these look great in plants, pencil cups, and just about anywhere in the  home.

“I have them all over my house- I just love the sparkle and whimsy, especially when the sunlight hits them.”

There are over 20 styles to choose from, in both silver and copper.  From snowflake bookmarks in holiday colors, to floral and crystal bookmarks in shades of pastel, they each feature whimsical charms and unique decorative accents.

You will find hummingbirds, mermaids, starfish, sea turtles, tortoises, flowers, owls,  keys, dragonflies, snowflakes, trees, sea horses, and bees, all in a variety of colors. Each design is original and unlike bookmarks you will find anywhere else.

Price: Normally $21, you can enjoy any bookmark for 15% off by entering  code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

Packaging: All bookmarks comes packaged in a beautiful sheer green organza bag- perfect for gifting.

Click here to view the wide assortment of bookmarks- to purchase or add to your wish list.

2. Whimsical Decorative Jewelry Displays


One of the best gives you can give is something useful that is also decorative.  These beautiful and whimsical jewelry display holders are just that!

The pewter fairy display can hold up to 10 pairs of dangle earrings.

The copper dragonfly display can hold up to 4 pairs of dangle earrings and 6 pairs of stud earrings.

They would go perfectly with a new pair of earrings or make a great stocking stuffer.  Perfect for any age!

Price: Normally $10-$15, you can enjoy both styles of earring holders for 15% off by entering  code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

Click here to view the jewelry displays- to purchase or add to your wish list.



3. Gorgeous Sun Catchers / Rear View Mirror Hangers


AmberTortoise’s gorgeous crystal sun catchers are very unique and full of sparkle. Crystal and filigree accents are combined in pieces of art for your window.

When the light hits them, it creates a beautiful shimmering rainbow all over the walls and ceiling- very stunning!

You will find chakra-themed rainbow sun catchers, vintage-style sun catchers in opalite and carmina crystal, filigree floral sun catchers, and a variety of other styles in a range of colors.

Available in a short and long length.  The long ones look beautiful hung in your window and the short styles look great in your window, hung from your rear view window in your car- or hang them on your tree or cabinet pulls.

Price: Ranges by style, you can enjoy any sun catcher for 15% off by entering  code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

Packaging: Sun catchers comes packaged in a beautiful sheer green organza bag- perfect for gifting.

Click here to view the wide assortment of sun catchers- to purchase or add to your wish list.

4. Floral Hair Accessories


Our floral hair pins are made from whimsical lucite and silk flowers, and crystal, in a variety of styles and colors.

Style 1: Lucite Flowers:
You will find lucite flower hair sticks in 2″ or 4″ bouquets in your choice of  teals, blues, pinks, greens, whites, and purples.

Style 2: Silk Flowers:
You will find beautiful silk flowers and crystals combined into whimsical hair decor.

Style 3: Crystal Bobby Pins:
Crystals are hand wire-wrapped onto silver bobby pins- perfect to combine with other hair accessories or wear alone.

Price: Varies by style, you can enjoy all hair accessories for 15% off by entering  code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

Packaging: All hair accessories comes packaged in a beautiful sheer green organza bag- perfect for gifting.

Click here to view the assortment of hair accessories- to purchase or add to your wish list.

5. Wine / Drink Glass Charms


Wine / Drink Glass charms make the perfect stocking stuffer gift, or something special to pair with a bottle of wine.

Beautiful frosted czech glass beads with a lovely aura-borealis finish surround the charm of your choice in these whimsical, elegant, and fun wine drink glass charms.

The frosted finish of the green, icy blue, deep blue, and purple glass resembles sea glass.

The addition of a wine drink glass charm will add a little sparkle to anyone’s evening, and make a great party accessory when entertaining.

They can also be wrapped around cabinet pulls, or worn as earrings.

Sold as a set of 4 in your choice of snowflake or bee charms (other charms available as well).

Price: Normally $16, you can enjoy these wine / drink glass charms for 15% off by entering  code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

Packaging: These wine glass charms come packaged in a beautiful sheer green organza bag- perfect for gifting.

Click here to view the wine drink glass charms- to purchase or add to your wish list.


BONUS: Gifts Under $30


Check out all of our jewelry and accessories under $30 by clicking here.

You can enjoy 15% off every piece in our “Under $30” section by entering code HolidayGift12 at checkout.

In addition to the bookmarks, sun catchers, hair clips, and jewelry displays featured above, you will find:

-Necklace chains
-Turtle figurines

I hope this guide to the top 5 gifts under $30 makes your holiday shopping a little easier this year!

Be sure to check out our other 11 gift guides- we guarantee you will find some amazing and perhaps unexpected gifts to make everyone on your list happy this holiday season.

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I’d love to hear what you think.  Which of the gifts above would be best for a great gift under $30?  Which would you like to receive yourself?

Please leave a comment below.

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Happy Holidays from AmberTortoise Jewelry!

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