2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide from AmberTortoise Jewelry

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide from AmberTortoise Jewelry.

This year, we’re inviting you to follow along over the next few weeks as we unveil our fantastic gift ideas for everyone in your life.

From great themed gift ideas, special Thank You presents for your children’s teachers, memorable gifts for Mom, to unique and sexy gifts for that special someone in your life, we guarantee you will find some amazing and perhaps unexpected gifts to make everyone on your list happy this holiday season.

Here is what you can expect and a sneak peak of some of our most unique and popular products.


11/05: Top 5 Gifts Every Teacher Will Love

(…and it’s definitely not a coffee mug that says #1 Teacher on it!)

Click here to see the top 5 gifts every teacher will love.

11/08:  Top 5 Vacation Jewelry Gifts

Does someone on your list have a vacation planned this winter?  Maybe you?

Click here to see the Top 5 Vacation Jewelry Gifts that will make any vacation extra memorable.

11/12: Top 5 Gifts for Mom

Show her how much you love her with these 5 amazing jewelry gifts for Mom that she will definitely love.

Click here to see the Top 5 Gifts for Mom.

11/14: Top 5 Luxury Jewelry Gifts

Buying for someone extra special?

These luxury jewelry gifts will make her melt and many are one of a kind, just like her.

Click here to view the Top 5 Luxury Jewelry Gifts.

11/19: Top 5 Gifts under $100

Make shopping super easy by shopping by price.

These are some of our most popular styles that she will absolutely love- the only choice will be which one she’ll love best.

Click here to view the Top 5 Gifts Under $100.

11/21: Top 5 Gifts under $30

Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a small gift for someone, finding a really great quality gift under $30 can be a challenge… that is, until now!

We’ve picked out some of our most popular jewelry and accessory items under $30 that look like they cost twice as much.  Great quality at a great price!  You may want to get a few for yourself as well. 🙂

Click here to view the Top 5 Gifts Under $30.

11/26: Top 5 Gifts For Unique Trendsetters

We all know that girl that everyone wants to be.  She is so unique and always ahead of the latest trends.  She has a great sense of style, and you probably never know what to buy for her…

Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.  These are the perfect top 5 gifts for that unique trendsetter on your list!

Click here to see the Top 5 Trendsetting Jewelry Gifts.

11/28: Top 5 Sexy Jewelry Gifts

Guys this post is for you!  Check out the top 5 sexy jewelry gifts for your wife.

You’ll love them, she’ll love them, it will be a very memorable gift you will both enjoy… 😉

Click here to see the Top 5 Sexy Jewelry Gifts.

12/03: Top 5 Holiday Themed Gifts

With it being Cyber Monday, what better than the Top 5 Holiday Themed Gifts?  These are definitely not those cheesy sweaters that make you cringe when you see someone wearing them.

These are holiday inspired gifts so cool, you’ll wish it was winter all year long.

Click here to see the Top 5 Holiday Themed Gifts.

12/05: Top 5 Themed Gifts

Speaking of themed gifts, how about non-holiday themes?

These are the top 5 themed gifts– everything from turtles, to dragonflies, to flowers… perfect for the collector who seems to have it all, and definitely doesn’t need another figurine.

Click here to view the Top 5 Themed Gifts.

12/10: Top 5 Chakra Themed Gifts

2013 is a year a lot of people will be trying to find balance in their lives.

These top 5 chakra themed gifts are perfect for just that!

Know a yoga enthusiast, or spiritual based person?  They will love these unique chakra gifts, only available from AmberTortoise Jewelry.

Click here to view the Top 5 Chakra Themed Gifts.

12/12: Top 5 Last Minute Gifts

With only 3 days left until the last holiday shipping day of the year, you may be in a scramble for last minute gifts.

Guys, you may be just about to start your holiday shopping. 😉

This post will focus on great last minute gift ideas she will love and you can still get in time for the holidays.

Follow along for gifts that will make you everyone’s favorite gift giver this holiday season!

Even better, get special prices on all of the items featured in our guide, only available through the AmberTortoise Jewelry 2012 Gift Guide posts!

Plus, one lucky person will get all of their holiday gifts for FREE (up to a $1,000 value).  Click here for details.

Happy Holidays from AmberTortoise Jewelry!

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