2012 Fall Fashion and Jewelry Trends

Last year I showcased some of the hottest fashion trends of the 2011 Fall season, and the perfect jewelry to accompany them. In 2011 fashion was all about bold colors, and bright, bold statement jewelry.

This year fashion has taken a swing – toward classic styles, raw edges and natural materials.

Fashionistas are becoming more eco-conscious, and this is translating into shopping habits. Fashion is no longer just about the clothes you wear, but an awareness of where they came from and the material they’re made out of.

The “buy handmade” mantra is becoming mainstream.

Here are some of the emerging fashion and jewelry trends for Fall 2012.


It seems Kate Middleton has brought the sheath dress back into the limelight, and fashionistas are flocking to the classic silhouette. Understated and sexy, this year sheath dresses are getting a makeover with many being embellished with fur and leather details, beading, brocade and bold patterns.

Keeping with the “eco conscious” vibe of the seasons, natural materials are definitely in vogue, and draping and raw hemlines are appearing in many designer collections.

You shouldn’t be afraid to step away from basic black – this season’s colors are navy blue, burgundy and oxblood red. Pair with elegant, classic jewelry featuring natural stones.

Blissful Blue

Blue is the hottest color in 2012 – we’re seeing all the shades on the runway, from smart, sassy navies to fun and elegant turquoise, azure and aqua hues. Pair with black for the ultimate in evening elegance, or mix and match with greens, purples or lavender to complement and soften.

With so many different colors and styles to choose from, you won’t have any problem finding something blue to suit you. Pair with gemstones in jewel tones and don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and palettes.

Military Chic

The old fashion faithful is back again, and we’ll be seeing plenty of nipped in waists, black patent belts, epaulets, pocket, and fringe and button details this season. Luckily for us ladies, military pieces are extremely flattering – the impeccable tailoring accentuates the figure and the bold details draw attention away from our “problem” areas.

The key to successfully styling military pieces is to tone them down with feminine details; otherwise you really do look as if you’re off to the local airfield. Glittering jewelry, a well-coiffed do, and sexy heels or boots will make your admirers stand to attention.

Other Fall Jewelry Trends 

Geode, Mineral, Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry

Previously thought too raw and chunky for jewelry, this year’s style has seen the emergence of statement pieces made from hewn chunks of natural materials – crystals, geodes, gemstones and minerals.

Whereas previously sartorialists have preferred faceted, symmetrical and highly polished focal points for jewelry, now these pieces are rough-edged and organic, as if they’d been lifted straight from the earth itself.

Chandelier Earrings

Feminine, musical and exotic, chandelier earrings are appearing in all the runway collections this year.

Many are inspired by baroque designs or ethnic styles – two trends that are also big this year. Look for lavish detail, beautiful stones and decorative accents.

Hair Jewelry

This trend is especially popular in bridal jewelry this year, with many girls forgoing the traditional veil for something a little more understated.This year, hair is getting a makeover with glittery barrettes, hair sticks, broaches, combs, tiaras, vines and even tiny hats.

This year, fall fashion is all about natural materials and organic forms. Get in touch with your earthy side and enjoy natural fabrics and artisan created pieces.

Bottom photos: Artisan shirts and wraps by Liena Dieck; photographs by Dot Drobney; model Sara Hughes; jewelry by AmberTortoise Jewelry 

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